Anniversary Weekend Getaway at Tagaytay

So what's a better way to celebrate 4 years of being together than by running away with your guy for a weekend in Tagaytay doing cheesy couple things?

Not being a huge fan of counting has become my go-to alibi everytime I forget about that “special” day of the month – monthsary. And by everytime I mean ALWAYS. I’m notorious at forgetting important things not to mention hearing “Happy Monthsary” always makes me cringe. Who the hell coined that stupid word anyway?

I’m just lucky I’m in a relationship where not [always] remembering a special date isn’t that big of deal. I’ve seen girls start a war when their boyfriends forgot to text them at midnight of their monthsary. Thanks to the real-life drama shows I get to watch on my Facebook timeline for free! I get it though, but it’s just not my kind of crazy.

That’s why it doesn’t bother me at all when my boyfriend forgets because I honestly forget about it all the time myself. Besides, isn’t losing count of how long you’ve been together supposed to be a good thing? Being dumb at Math has its perks y’all.

So, armed with a calculator, I did a little Math last Saturday and found out that boyfriend and I have been together for 48 months already! That’s four years in total! So what’s a better way to celebrate 4 years of being together than by running away with your guy for a weekend in Tagaytay doing cheesy couple things?


MC Mountain Apartelle 
We got a sweet deal (from Metrodeal) to stay overnight for 1,399 pesos instead of 2,800 (free breakfast included). I loved the place and the staff were all so nice and accommodating and they were all always smiling at people so I had to do a lot of smiling as well because I’m nice. LOL.

gorgeous view from our room!

We got a great view of the gorgeous sunset from out Sunset View Room which had a little problem with the lock in its sliding door when we got there but the staff went to fix it ASAP (I’m telling you, they are awesome.) You’ll see more of the place when you watch my vlog included in this post.


Green Ats We had bulalo for lunch and even if we were both starving and the food was so good, we didn’t finish the whole huge serving for two because we were already so full!

Bag of Beans – We passed by a Bag of Beans branch on our way to buy water and some snacks in the afternoon and thought of checking it out because I’ve seen a lot of blogs about the place but was too lazy to actually read about it which turned out to be a good thing because we were so surprised at what we found!


Ugh! Such a pretty place! Every corner is Instagram worthy!
There were a lot of BoBs there though so I don’t know which one it is we went to. Sorry if I’m not being very helpful! Haha!

And since it was still around half past three and I was still full, I only had frappe and a slice blueberry cheesecake while boyfriend pigged out on a full very special tapa meal.


– Sightseeing

– People watching


But that was just our own customized list of course because our entire weekend was literally spent just driving around, eating, sleeping, and watching movies inside our room and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Here, I caught it all on video:

Sure, there are a lot of cool places to check out in Tagaytay and we did go to the famous Picnic Grove and Sky Ranch but we didn’t bother with the activities anymore because I just thought it won’t be wise to spend on things that have far better versions somewhere else. Haha!

Like for example the ziplines? To me, they looked more like high-tech versions of the clothesline from my childhood backyard. I’ve always wanted to try ziplining but I want it to scare the living shit out of me and those in Tagaytay didn’t look scary at all.




But even if we basically just bummed the weekend away and wandered around and got lost a little because of my dysfunctional relationship with Waze and Google Maps, I had so much fun and I’m anxious excited to go on more trips like this!

PS: Let me know what you think about my 2nd vlog!


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